The Foundation

With Jason Lim and the ONLY Guide Dog in Malaysia at the time "Leshawn". Now many Guide Dogs are helping The Blind LIVE for the first time in a very long time

Orphans & Orphan Homes.

The Marco Robinson Foundation has helped a lot of people change their lives in BIG ways. As well as helping Female Entrepreneurs, because of his traumatic Childhood, when Marco sees an urgent need, he's there in every way he can.

Helping the BLIND in Malaysia bring Guide Dogs in for the First Time

One of the most rewarding recent Interventions he gave with his own Money, Time and Media Explosion, it went viral on Social Media, has been his campaign to get Guide Dogs for the Blind into Malaysia, that has not allowed them in Public Places until now. He produced a an Award Winning Film with Film Maker & Fellow Campaigner Jason Lim, called "Are You Blind?" Click here to view Video.

This video changed the Malaysian Landscape and for the first time in it's History, Malaysia is now allowing Guide Dogs for the Blind in Public Places including Shopping Malls and Public Transport. This Miscarriage of Justice which lasted for many years, was a simple lack of Relevant Education which has been the theme of Marco's life and really his whole purpose in doing what he does. For example, nobody knew that Guide Dogs are trained to not urinate for up to six hours.These amazing bits of information, and the production of this Award Winning Film Brought Guide Dogs into Malaysia and helped THOUSANDS of Blind People.

Helping Make the PUBLIC Aware that HAVE TO GIVE WAY to Ambulances to SAVE LIVES!

Before the Successful Guide Dog Campaign, Marco turned his attention to more of an urgent Nature, when he again sponsored and collaborated with Film Maker Jason Lim to make the Film;

Who Cares?
By staging a fake Accident on the Highway/Motorway, the Film was able to demonstrate that Drivers were more interested in getting to where they were going to, as in going home, than giving way to an Ambulance with an Emergency Victim. Minutes of Delays simply cost lives, and through this constant campaigning and Media Attention, more LIVES have been saved, Drivers have become more aware. Marco has been able to help in the best ways he can by educating the masses and the Governments of what potential harm they have been responsible for.
Under the 'Who Cares?' paragraph, change the last sentence to : Click here to see the Full Version of this Life Changing Film.

Orphans & Orphan Homes

Very close to Marco's Heart is the plight of real Orphans, people who don't have the luxury of a proper Family. Through his efforts, Marco has brought Happiness and Inspiration to many Orphans Worldwide, by sharing his story and donating funds to the Education of Orphans to follow the Career Paths and Opportunities they really dream of.Through this direct help, Dreams have been realized and Marco's plans are to expand his network and eventually Open his own Orphan Wealth Education Centres around the World.

Please contact Marco here if you want to directly help OR have any Worthwhile Cause you would love Marco's help with..