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Dato' Seri Marco Robinson S.P.T.M is a #1 Bestselling Author, an Award Winning Entrepreneur, (2009 Entrepreneur of the Year), & recently, Winner of the iProperty People's Choice Awards Best Real Estate Company, Singapore 2014/15.

Marco has made countless National Radio and TV appearances and has spoken at the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Conference, the Ogilvy DO Debates, Bloomberg, and Forbes. He is in high demand on the speaking circuit and is invited to talk on various platforms around the globe with appearances in print newspapers, magazines, TV talk shows and prime time TV slots.

He is also the founder of the NAKED Group of Companies including the Naked Restaurant & Bar recently opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which has already spawned two new Franchise Companies, NAKED COFFEE and NAKED PIZZA.

He has built several Multi-million Dollar companies from scratch such as the Wealth Revolution Group, Create Demand Incentive Programs, The Rich List, Naked Restaurants, as well as Property Champions, and has raised over USD$ 30 Million through a Brand New Award Winning JV Partner Strategy called Wealth Creation. He invests in Below Market Value Properties with his partner Simon Paul and shares the profits with his Investors.

He personally owns over 100 properties and is now a Property Developer in his own right making him a Self-Made Millionaire many times over.

He is a World Authority Speaker on Investing, Entrepreneurship & Financial Freedom, and he has his own FOUNDATION serving Underprivileged Children and Female Single Parents, his one dream to give back after his own difficult childhood. He speaks worldwide to hundreds and thousands of people.

He talks about his Personal Story of how we went from Broke to Self-Made Millionaire Live on Youtube. Watch the video: here



  • Wealth Revolution
  • Naked - Bar & Restuarent
  • Property Champions
  • First - Property Invest
  • Naked Pizza
  • The Richlist
  • Create Demand Now
  • Wealth Creation (UK) Ltd


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It is estimated the average Millionaire has seven streams of continuous income, from businesses they have established themselves or businesses they have affiliated to and eventually the investment of those income streams into Assets that pay you an income such as Investment Property
I have been doing this very successfully for the last 10 years and I am about to share HOW I do this by teaching.

Ringgit hits nine year LOW! STAR Newspaper

Well, As I predicted, the Ringgit has crashed and with it so has property! Negative gearing is the only strategy left in Malaysia, and even if you choose to do that, you are spinning a roulette wheel as Malaysia's property market dips another 15% this year, 30% in two years is becoming a reality.
My answer, EXIT NOW and get that money into Cash-flowing Investment Property in strong currencies .

I decided to start a NAKED Pizza delivery

We just LOVE our pizza so much and adore our new NAKED Pizza boxes. We have decided to DELIVER the best tasting pizza in town to limited areas at first 6 DELICIOUS New flavours including our fabulous NEW Belgian Chocolate dessert pizza!!! People are travelling 50 miles and more just to taste this unbelievable dessert pizza cooked ONLY in the NAKED way, fresh ingredients and straight from the Oven! Totally awesome!